Cowboy Town

"I love Cowboy Town it is a great place. It is one of a kind "

"This place is amazing! Harvey and Correen and unbelievable people. There are so welcoming and accommodating. 

A horse drawn sleigh ride is the perfect way to enjoy winter during family outings, Christmas parties, or an afternoon with friends.  Sit back and relax as your glide along groomed trails with no sounds but the crunching of snow under horses hooves.  Warm up in the Old Time Reception Hall, the Country Cabin, or by the fire.  Don’t forget to bring your hotdogs and marshmallows!

Bob sleigh with racks                                       12 – 14 people

Bob Sleighs with wagon box                            12 people

Bob sleigh with Caboose and heater               12 – 14 people

2 seater Cutter                                                  2 people



Old Time Reception Hall

Outdoor Stage

Country Cabin



Outdoor Patio Heaters





"Brought back memories of another era.  Thank you!!"